Me? What about me..?

I’m a student hailed from Sabah…the land just below the wind(but we do get to enjoy typhoon’s tail  once in a while). I’m opposed to exams because it doesn’t really measure one’s real capabilities. Moreover, I think it’s against environment coz it’s using a lot of papers. However, it’s a good gauge against exaggerating frauds.

     I’m interested in writting because that’s the best way I can express myself. In real, I’m quiet in person. I’ve always been trying to write journals but the book will always end up half empty because…….laziness…Unless if someone can get me a nice leather journal and a nice ink pen.

I–>love cats

 –>love japanese food, sushis!

 –>love Ipoh white coffee

 –>dark skin, wavy hair…i’m trying to avoid rebonding, love what i’ve got



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