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Justifying war?

Look at these torures happened during wartime..

1. Nazi occupation in Germany.. .

quote: Initially, they tried shooting them by having them stand one behind the other, so that several people could be killed with one bullet, but it was too slow. Then they tried dynamite, but few were killed and many were left wounded with hands and legs missing, so that the Germans had to finish them off with machine guns. In October 1941, in Mogilev, they tried a Gaswagen or “gas car”. First, they used a light military car, and it took more than 30 minutes for people to die; then, they used a larger truck exhaust and it took only eight minutes to kill all the people inside.

quote:The Holocaust was carried out without any reprieve even for children or babies, and victims were often tortured before being killed. Nazis carried out deadly medical experiments on prisoners, including children. Dr. Josef Mengele, medical officer at Auschwitz and chief medical officer at Birkenau, was known as the “Angel of Death” for his medical and eugenical experiments, e.g., trying to change people’s eye color by injecting dye into their eyes.

Are these things inevitable during war time?

2. Japanese Occupation

quote:Japanese military’s use of rape and comfort women (women forced into sexual slavery). For instance, the Sook Ching Massacre of ethnic Chinese, including civilians who had donated to charities to aid the war effort in China, claimed between 25,000 and 50,000 lives in Malaya and Singapore.

I understood that the Japanese were much more cruel than anyone else that occupied and colonised Malaysia.

But at least those crimes were settled during the Nuremberg trials and the Tokyo trials. The Japanese apologised and are still apologising…Nazi’s are banned forever… Some of you should read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ doesnt tell the brutality of war but then the book recalled the sufferings of 2 families living in the same space for few years before they were captured.

   But from the War Crimes conference, from Ms. Hana Bayaty’s speech, she said that Geneva Convention were not used to sanction the US crimes in the war because the terminologies used to brand their ‘terrorist’ were wrong! There was no insurgency because people are retaliating for their own country..insurgency should be called resistance..and if it is resistance, Geneva Convention should operate to protect the rights of prisoners of war. In fact, she said..the conquered parts of Iraq should be protected by the Convention, especially the resisting citizens..

     She argued that the US has wrongly branded them so as not to accord them a protection! War on terminologies they said. This is quite serious if it’s true, then US would have done all things in disguise for their own economic benefit.


They stressed him out so bad that the man passed away. The next day the medics came in and put his body on a stretcher, placed a fake I.V. in his arm [to suggest he died under medical care] and took him away. This OGA (other governmental agency) [prisoner] was never processed and therefore never had a number.

Ivan Frederick

Double standards, we called it. The US army can mistreat any captives or civilians, but they themselves cannot be mistreated.

A quote from a my friend:  an American citizen who was effected by the Tsunami ” How dare you treat me and house me in such conditions, i am a American Citizen ” This statement clearly disturbs me. It implies that American citizens should be given 1st class treatment. Drawing an analogy, the rights of US citizens come first. A right of life ( or should i add on right of comfort ) only applies to US citizens & its allies and not to the rest of the world. This can be seen in the trigger happy US soldiers who have no disregard for lives of innocent civilians. For a country who as preach so much about liberalism, Rule of Law and democracy, the US and its allies simply do not conform to what they preach. Double standard ??

Much like, we are facing the Western Imperialism- yesterday, today and tomorrow..Sad to say, man never learn from their pains and sufferings…or are we suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome?


War Crimes..criminalising it..

   Finally the 3 day conference at Putra World Trade Centre has come to an end with setting up of a KL War Crimes Tribunal..Wondering whether it can really take off because questions are lingering whether it’ll be a legal, legitimate and/or recognize and respectable tribunal. Since Im not doin conflict of laws, I wouldn’t know which laws/conventions are applicable to the reference of the tribunal, but surprisingly, the legal counsel doesn’t seem to know the answer either.

     Victims of war crimes are in dire need, no doubt. But i doubt if the tribunal can really do something for them because obviously the ‘named’ defendants are not even bothered. If we could obtain a judgement, what could the judgement do? It’s not binding, not even persuasive authority yet.

    Ok, I havent state what war crime is. It’s a crime done in the war, breaching of the Geneva Convention. eg: torturing prisoners of war, taking child soldiers, causing harm to women, old folks, sick and children etc…So, the question of whether US is wrong in starting war in the middle east or not, is irrelevant! The thing is, the war that they brought is causing grave injury to the weaker members of the country. If not, P.Lyndie England wouldnt have been charged in the martial court for torturing prisoners of war (brainless soldiers for taking such pictures to be used as an evidence againts them).

    A lot would argue that these things are bound to happen in war, so what’s the big deal? the BIG deal are NOT the one who is suffering! Of course it’s easy for people to rebut all the attacks on “Bush and the pocket Bush in the bushlands of Australia”, thanks to all media who has been faithful to the US govt and the US propaganda that they are saving the world from misery. Certainly some of them are, but not the capitalist. After reading about Karl Marx, I am convinced that capitalist will not save anyone accept money….and democracy favours capitalism.

     Relating to Marx, try wonder why the US is forcing Middle East countries to be a democratic country. What’s wrong with a monarch, dictatorship etc etc..I dint see Bush fighting against Queen Elizabeth 2 or Japanese Emperor or thee Swazilang king..Question: Where is Osama hidding? Really, don’t tell me they can take around a month to find Saddam hidding undergound but not Osama. It’s already the 6th year since 11/9..6th year!! Isnt that a bit slow for such a boasting high tech country..

     Of course of course, we should help regardless of races, origins, faiths or conscience demands. But the sad thing is, the Mr.Chairman himself doesnt seem to have good regards to people of other religions besides those of his own. The spirit of true Malaysian has not instilled in his mind yet. Or perhaps he’s just to washed up in battling an idle Bush who doesnt even care. But we Malaysians understand better, and I should say no more on this issue.

     And depleted uraniums used in war time. Gosh…now we know how all the increased cancer and diabetic rates happen!  These two diseases have the most unexplainable causes. And the DU dusts are blowing everywhere, where the wind is, not just the warring countries.

     My stand is, war is simply a waste of time and resources. The so called ‘war on terror’ is really a war in disguise to invade the sovereignty of other nations. Not only that, to rob off their freedom, wealth and resources. With or without the press, we do not really know what happen during 9/11 or between Iraq and US or other fighting nation, Palestine and Israel, so forth.  All we know is to sit comfortably in front of the computer screens criticising and commenting on the press reports and reports of other people.

     No matter how much you dislike Mr. Chairman, my personal opinion that his efforts to criminalise wars and fighting war crimes should gain recognition. Why? Art 2 Convention of the ECHR-Everyone has a right to life….(though it’s not applicable legally to everyone, but it does question on our conscience if we say that war is necessary). If the effect of war is so devastating, surely war is not a good thing. If a nation is willing to enter into a war to help another country, why would the ‘helping’ nation adds to the agony of the weaker nation by torturing their people further?