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Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Year of the Pig     This is the year of the Piggy pig pig.  For those who are born in every 12 years ago..this is your year. Although I don’t really follow the Chinese Zodiac, but at least I know that there are 12 characters in the whole cycle; mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat,  monkey, rooster and dog.

       Since I’m in KK now, I’ve been stucked at home the whole week doing revision. But now that I’ve finally came out yesterday and today…..I think i’d just stay at home. The jam was massive with people doing last minute shopping of vege, pork(fresh, dried and preserved), delicacies, pomelo leaves, fish!, chicken and whatever they can grab. It’s not like those things are cheap and I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get these things earlier, except maybe for vege and fish. Moreover, they bought things yesterday, today and tomorrow(no tomorrow is eating day-erm push it 1 day behind).

       10 years ago, Chinese here(even other races) could still enjoy fireworks; lights and bang here and there. But now, we are faced with the threat of summons! Although it has been banned for more than 5 years, the enforcement is loose. And it’s looser even during certain times of the year where I can still see kids playing right in front of the public place and no one is taking action.  And since police or whoever it is, is stricter, let’s not find ourselves letting loose a firecracker this time or else our pockets will be burnt with a whole too. Oh choi

            As it is also the time of reunion of family and friends, I wish all of you a happy chinese new year, may you be bless with good health, wealth and happiness…if you have any angpow, do send to my email.

To my ex-secondary school friends 2002-St.Francis Convent…..although we don’t see each other that often, my new year wish to you all is that may you be successful in your endeavors!