In my KK house backyard, there are more than a dozen stray cats! Ranging from 6 with glod stripes, 2 black stripe, 1 fruitcake color and the rest I can’t see clearly.

     However, my favourite one is 2 golden cats; a bro and sis, i suppose. They’re both superbly cute because…..meow the loudest. The female one wouldn’t let me touch her and will hiss loudly when I’m near. The male one is better. I can at least touch him when he’s eating, and he will come near to me whenever he wants food(i guess all hungry cats does). The rest would just wait for signal behind the fence and would jump in when food is poured on the floor.

     Usually, I would feed them with chicken or biscuits, and they would lick clean the floor. Once, when the male cat were still licking his piece of chicken, my mom splash water to clean the floor, carrying away his chicken. What frown the cat gave me! I didn’t do it! He wept to his sister while swishing his tail to show anger..hahaha..So I gave them biscuits in compensation.
     I named these 2 cats..but I can’t tell it here coz it’s a weird name.


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