A day at home

     ‘Home sweet home’ as goes the normal plain saying that whatever it is, home is still the best. Normal saying only apply to normal people as we shall not forget those unfortunates who doesn’t have a home at all; orphans, beggars, refugees, lost and insane on the streets and so on….

     My day today. 9am, I woke up and prepare for revision. Well, exam is not that near…it’ll be on the 16th May. But due to last year’s experience, I’d rather suffer now than later. Let me tell about they year before’s experience when i was still a first year student. I took my exams in KL thinking that it shall be fun because after exam, my classmates will be organising various outings and activities. Indeed they did, and was fun.

     But, the days of preparation were hell horrible. 1st, i had supernatural experience during a nap, almost died i thought. Adding to this agony, I had to sleep alone that night . Then i   begged my other housemates to sleep in their room. After a few days, I had to move back to my room, and one of the housemates agreed to accompany me that night. Things didn’t improve. Somewhere in my dreams, I began to suffocate. I woke up and realised that i really couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move or called my sleeping housemate! I thought i would die this time. After few minutes of struggle, phew i finally could take a deeeeeeeep breath.

     2nd year. I really really must say that during this period of time, I couldn’t eat well, sleep well and even brush my teeth properly. The stress were tremendous! And it lasted for 1 month. The toothbrush wouldn’t go in further than 1 inch or else I’ll throw up. However, I was in Sabah, so I had my family members with me and no hallucinations or whatever of that sort.

     Every day and night, I agonized over the amount of texts and notes to read and hoping that one day these notes can be used to boil soup and by drinking it, I wouldn’t have to study so hard. Waking up is a drag and sleeping is a shudder. The amount of tears shed can make up of one good cup of ‘water’.

       Final year—>2007! I cannot afford to fail at all, or else it’s the end of my 2 years kindergarten + 6 years primary sch + 5 years secondary sch + 1 1/2 years a-levels + 3 years degree. So even if i have 3 layers of eyebags, I must pass with nice colours..(hopefully the colors are flying too).

       You must be wondering why all these stress? Let me explain. I’m taking a course where you need to complete your degree within 6 years frame, 4 papers per year, each paper answer 4 questions and each paper is 3 hours. If you fail one paper, it’s either you can refer the paper once or if you fail miserably, you’ll have to repeat again the whole year! Final year is worse, there’s no chance to refer. It’s either you repeat or get a 3rd class. If you get a 3rd class, that’s the end.

       So my day today basically started with online surfing, then watch tv. Until 12pm then only i start reading. But in betweens, there are more tvs and internet.

     Basically, after all these year’s experience, I’m asking myself when should i brace up. I think the time is now. Back to study table now……


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